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Seriously, if we don’t then who will?

We have been making changes and we need to brag about some of them.

The Archive

Admittedly it was left as a secondary task but NOW has been not only updated to contain over 1,300 articles, but will be updated on a monthly basis to add the proceeding months posts going forward. This thanks to the efforts of one amazing IT guy.

The intended purpose of the Archive is to give followers the collective wisdom of the many writers who have contributed to The Prepper Journal over the years. Experts on survival, weapons, foods from seeds to stored supplies, gardening under almost every possible condition, and of course the re-purposing of so many things others consider landfill.


Yes, the spice of life as The Prepper Journal contains a variety of articles across the spectrum of Prepping topics and presents varying viewpoints and prospectuses from experts throughout the field. More everyones opportunity to educate and share than one mans blog. And on subjects others may not tackle. We keep the content relevant, fresh and never repetitive.

And Yes, we do Sell Survival Gear

And a wide variety at prices that compete with anyone. The “store”, a recent addition, is specifically for our followers to find survival gear that is tried and tested, offered at reasonable prices.

So give us another look, check out the new links added to the Resources page, and stay prepared for what life throws at you.

Be Safe out there and be sure to check out The Prepper Journal Store and follow The Prepper Journal on Facebook!


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