Into the Wild – Day 1 of 7 Day Subscriber Survival Challenge Texas

My Wilderness Survival Kit for my 7 Day Subscriber Survival Challenge. Bug Out Bag, Inch Bag, Get Home Bag – BESPOKE POST: My HORI HORI Become Part of My TRIBE: PARTNER of TODAY's EPISODE: THE BIGDBAG BOX Premise: This 7 Day Subscriber Survival Challenge is designed to Test a Regular Viewers Whits and Creativity along side their Survival Kit to see if they can survive "alone or assisted" during a Simulated Survival Scenario in the Wild. Canadian Preparedness: Silky Saws and Bug Out Roll Organizer Silky Saw ZUBAT: My Bugout Roll: Amazon & Shop Links: KLARUS Headlamp:
Leatherman Skeletool:
Outdoor Vitals RHYOLITE PACK:
Outdoor Vitals Pillow:
Cold Steel Finn Wolf:
4DB Quadratum FireSteel:
Bushcraft SERECHETE:
Atwood Mini TRD:
Atwood Mini Roll Refill:
4DB Extreme Weather 2.0:
Cold Steel Shovel:
Shit Kit 20pk:
#36 Bank Line:
Cold Steel Blowgun:
Hidden Woodsmen Hygiene Pouch:
Hidden Woodsmen Haversack:
HydroBlu ClearFlow Bottle:
HydroBlu VersaFlow Water Filter:
Procamptek Waxwood Stick:
Procamptek Fatrope Stick:
Procamptek FireStrip Roll:
GSI Spice Rocket:
Outdoor Edge Field Sharpener:
Exotac TitanLight:
Full Windsor Titanium Tongs:
Hestra Gloves Active Grip:
Council Tools 24" Pack Axe: BINGE WATCH THE FULL 7 DAY SERIES: Full Transparency for my audience:
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