A West Virginia survivalist camp gets preppers ready – The Washington Post

That’s the scenario David L. Jones, a Fortitude Ranch member who’s also something of a celebrity prepper, believes could set off unrest. Jones, 62, a former Alaska state trooper and Army veteran, is known as the “NBC Guy” because of his military background in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. He has also worked in state and federal emergency management agencies. He has a podcast and was one of this year’s featured speakers at Prepper Camp, a three-day symposium that attracted more than 1,000 off-the-gridders, survivalists and homesteaders to a private campsite last month in North Carolina. Jones said he foresees turmoil, and perhaps violence, whether Trump wins or loses.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/at-fortitude-ranch-the-cabin-is-for-vacationing-the-shelters-are-for-surviving/2019/10/08/643bff30-d597-11e9-9610-fb56c5522e1c_story.html

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